Stickman Chronicles / Eps: [4]

05/02/2019 13:07
Episode is 60 frames longer now, next Episode will be longer, sorry for the wait this takes awhile to make ya know | Overlord invades the Dome looking for the Robot Unity, Unity tries to calm the A.I
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Ansonlin360 05/14/2019 16:25
that sounds good because i don't want you to leave because you are great animator. And you are a great inspiration to me
TheOneAboveAll2 05/14/2019 16:17
Ansonlin360, Also notice, I may soon after 5 migrate to Drawn, this is a possibility, or I may just keep this series here, and start a alternate universe there.
Ansonlin360 05/14/2019 16:15
League_Fighters 05/14/2019 14:54
SlenderLicky, im adding alot of people in here, get ready for 5.
Ansonlin360 05/14/2019 14:04
Im in it
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 13:58
Cant waiitt
Ansonlin360 05/14/2019 13:51
League_Fighters 05/14/2019 12:53
SlenderLicky, hmm I know what I will do.
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 12:52
Keep it up with the series people!
League_Fighters 05/14/2019 12:51
SlenderLicky, The good old days of Unstoppable, watch some Red and Bounce while eating candy, lol.