12/23/2018 15:57
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I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 12/24/2018 09:39
Shadowbreeze 12/24/2018 03:37
its divided
Im-not-Russian 12/23/2018 23:43
is this still, like, a thing, or do ALL the spooders go to you (person with the most likes)
Every Topic of the Day has prize fund. Usually it is 300 spiders. After end of the topic this spiders divided between all participants rateably with toons likes.
Topic of the Day
Freedraw 12/23/2018 23:34
I love this and your character!
robotups 12/23/2018 20:23
SacredZeraora, wait hOld up you didn't win yet you are just winning so far
imtherealhine 12/23/2018 18:49
i enterd
MsHudson 12/23/2018 16:50
BendyandShaymin, It doesn't matter what rank you are, it's disrespectful to advertise on other's work.
BendyandShaymin 12/23/2018 16:16
Not my fault Im still archeoligist
Shadowbreeze 12/23/2018 16:16
BendyandShaymin, pls dont advertise on my animation :I
BendyandShaymin 12/23/2018 16:15