Thank you all.

12/13/2018 21:41
This is actually my first toon after becoming passer. The other animations were actually placed in oldschool because they were oldschool worthy plus I was unexpectedly permoted passer. Thank you all for your love and support! because of you guys I would have never had the courage to try and try for this position.
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WolfHats 12/14/2018 16:41
good job, i love ur stuff!!
anim8ter 12/14/2018 05:31
Woah, I see you're already off to an amazing start as passer! Congratulations bro : )
_Disaster_ 12/13/2018 22:08
yo chill dude
dont worry, this toon is hella smooth and it caught my eye
you earned passer. thats what matters <33takashisenpai18,
takashisenpai18 12/13/2018 22:04
Sorry, guys if this is a crappy animation...I was rushing, lol...
_Disaster_ 12/13/2018 22:02
aaaaaa yay!!
OofBud 12/13/2018 21:50
_-Heeyeon-_ 12/13/2018 21:44
YAy YAYA im so happy for you
Fluffowuffo 12/13/2018 21:43
Congratulationsss! ^w^