hecc stupid ol' me (fixed)

12/18/2018 20:19
omfg dont you hate it when you dont remember a part of you own characters name then you randomly remember at the last negative second?


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takashisenpai18 01/15/2019 08:21
tigerblink, sorry for not putting the back story. I'll put it in later with more detail and ya da ya da ya da.
takashisenpai18 01/15/2019 08:20
tigerblink, oof i didnt put his story.

ok be was promoted warrior at a young age because he saved the leaders daughter, that was the last daughter also, so she was very precious to LighningStar (the leader.)
tigerblink 01/15/2019 02:07
takashisenpai18, why is he a warrior at the age of 11 moons-
Freedraw 12/20/2018 10:07
thunder clan nice :D good choice
takashisenpai18 12/19/2018 17:27
just realized I should have added the reason why he's a warrior at the age of 11 moons.
xX_TakeA_GuessXx 12/19/2018 00:27
cute :>
JacksonAnimates 12/18/2018 20:33
I love him.
takashisenpai18 12/18/2018 20:21
he be apprentice rn because he can.