05/15/2018 00:23
This is my first time and I hope it doesn't turn into one of kankris. In the comments
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nokani 05/15/2018 15:11
i agree
Awkward__Artist 05/15/2018 14:55
Talia8Pie, I defiantly agree. Though, I don't believe this is a therapy site. Toonator is an animation/ drawing site. it's a place where we can meet and share our artistic talents and/or learn to improve our art. But that doesn't mean people shouldn't be allowed to vent. For some people, it's easier to say something to someone you can't see face to face. That's how I am. And I'm not saying that every vent on here is legitimate. I do believe some people do it for attention. But it isn't healthy for those who are truly depressed and are truly suffering to bottle up their emotions.
ruberduckie 05/15/2018 14:21
Talia8Pie, i agree
and can i be the one person to say that once in my spanish class (i take french now) i had a cold and i was coughing and this kid said "stop coughing". then the spanish teacher came in and said "you dont just tell someone to stop coughing. thats like telling someone to stop breathing."
SeaOfSecrets 05/15/2018 13:56
Talia8Pie, Most of it was p good and I agree, but you lost me on Toonator being a therapy site. Been here since late 2014/early 2015 and toon was hell to begin with. Not necessarily a site to cope with stress, but a place to calm it. People should most likely post it in drafts, rather then in public
takashisenpai18 05/15/2018 13:12
Talia8Pie, wow I know exactly what you mean for some of the parts! but some parts...are just a bit dramatic...
Offel 05/15/2018 12:59
Talia8Pie, i agree
takashisenpai18 05/15/2018 12:46
takashisenpai18, (i dont mean anything bad plz dont be mad is just weird how i see people doing things like this....)
takashisenpai18 05/15/2018 12:46
zefuro 05/15/2018 12:44
the reason i said that was cuz most people tries to act like cringy emo, i mean its like living clickbaits, i mett this girl on this site and i saw her venting, i told her whats wrong and she said she was being seually abused by her parents, i mean wtf? shouldn't she go and call childline? and few minutes later she was back to normal. i think venting is very unnessesary. and people in this website hates "unnessesary" opinions/stories etc. ye they still care about venting.
fuchs_doodle 05/15/2018 12:03
Nedahertt, fair enough

i would end up v e n t i n g anyways