05/15/2018 00:23
This is my first time and I hope it doesn't turn into one of kankris. In the comments
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Talia8Pie 05/15/2018 23:39
zefuro, Sorry for you being ganged up. i really didn't mean to start something if i did
Internut 05/15/2018 23:02
Elle5, agreed, venting is fine, people can get depression, and sometimes if they vent, it feels like there talking to someone, and they can let there feelings out. as you said, suicide isn't a joke, if people vent, it can be a form of therapy
Elle5 05/15/2018 22:57
zefuro, Kindly disagreeing back, while that may be true, It is rather unfair to assume all people are like that. I know the world isn't "fair" but suffering and pain is real, and suicide isn't some joke. So maybe try to understand that some people are actually going through a hard time and need all the kindness and support they can get, and if you don't want to do that, fine. But don't accuse them of something that isn't always the truth, because people shouldn't have to feel this pain. Thank you and goodnight.
Talia8Pie 05/15/2018 21:16
_Disaster_, Oh well. (that happened once as well but I stopped her before she did do it)
_Disaster_ 05/15/2018 19:28
Talia8Pie, actually I didn’t medal it, my little sister did, that’s what happens when I leave my pc on
-RoadKill 05/15/2018 18:36
takashisenpai18, it's not really an original idea but ok
Dodobroking11 05/15/2018 18:36
Talia8Pie, karma ha
Talia8Pie 05/15/2018 18:15
I knew this would start a debate. Sorry -v-'
_Disaster_ Stop medalling everything why
THEROLEPLAYER_ 05/15/2018 17:19
I agree and disagree a bit,
i mean, with therapy part, but who am i to judge.
i dont believe its much of a therapy considering the flamewars,
the stuff you sometimes see on here, but its my worthless opinon.
but still, praise and thanks for whoever Gped this
FG_FatalHydra 05/15/2018 16:06
I disagree and somewhat agree at the same time.
I do agree that this should be a website for calming, rather than coping, and support of others is not the main purpose of this website, but on the contrary, I personally have found it helpful to find support online, and has drastically changed the course of my life, and believe it is important to support those in need, when the opportunity arises.