05/15/2018 00:23
This is my first time and I hope it doesn't turn into one of kankris. In the comments
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Sp3ctrum 05/25/2018 06:26
Talia8Pie, Yeah, but this isn't the site to do that, I always recommend for the person to actually see someone in real life if they feel depressed because just telling people that are online, don't know you personally, and probably never will, is unhealthy and you'll just go back to being depressed. If it's really helpful to you then good, keep doing it, but we also are skeptical to people who decide to possibly self diagnose.
My opinion: It's alright, just do it in quantitive amounts
capp 05/25/2018 06:10
TheRandomAnimate, venting is the act of when somebody tells people their problems
on toon it is usually through art or animation
GimmeDemTunes 05/25/2018 03:15
wen u r poor
Talia8Cake 05/25/2018 00:39
Who put this in GP!?
Internut 05/17/2018 22:56
massacrethedemon 05/17/2018 22:08
This is the kindest debate i have ever seen, i'll call this a flame-polite disagrement. Also, keep on livin' :)
DabOnDeWae11 05/16/2018 15:30
Vent Art is art that someone makes to let out a feeling, usually a negative feeling like anger or sadness.
TheRandomAnimate 05/16/2018 09:53
I totally understand, but,
what is venting?
Im kinda new
DabOnDeWae11 05/16/2018 07:58
Amazing as always!
zefuro 05/16/2018 00:30
Elle5, i agree to a certain point, but these days people are so weak that they compare a small papercut with being stabbed 60 times in chest. and start venting, i mean most of the emo kids are trying to make their lives miserable and once someone (like me) starts to make stereotypical jokes about emo, the actual people who are really venting would suffer, cuz no one will believe them.

(personally, i was never depressed so i dunno and dont care about vents, its just annoying)