06/18/2019 08:32
Ehhhh Ik I said I wouldn't like 2 toons ago but like I might quit and go to drawn but I WILL COME BACK I just wanna go to Drawn to improve because I feel like I'm not making progress here.. But I might still come on idk I'm just saying this ._.
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toonimator_101 06/21/2019 10:17
ChongoBongoVents, i am sass
ChongoBongoVents 06/18/2019 08:59
toonimator_101 06/18/2019 08:58
ChongoBongoVents, right now i know who youre talking about but still, this isnt really a good way to act..
toonimator_101 06/18/2019 08:40
ChongoBongoVents, okay goodbye 5 year old
ChongoBongoVents 06/18/2019 08:40
toonimator_101, poo poo shit penis sex dungeon wee wee wa wa
toonimator_101 06/18/2019 08:37
ChongoBongoVents, dude why not just TELL me who I blocked instead of just wasting your time saying this.
ChongoBongoVents 06/18/2019 08:37
ChongoBongoVents 06/18/2019 08:37
toonimator_101, I will puss your ass
toonimator_101 06/18/2019 08:35
ChongoBongoVents, and this was just a quick drawing I cba animating on my mouse this was just a quick message for ppl who like my toons lol
toonimator_101 06/18/2019 08:34
ChongoBongoVents, I didn't block anyone it depends who you're talking about? I only block someone if I don't like them looking at my toons and commenting ;-;