adopts (contest)

02/02/2019 10:46
i guess they're all demons? anyway they're gender neutral. draw any of them, best drawing wins. you can add accessories or change them a little in your entry. (the winners get to change their design however they like since it's their's)
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Floppydisc 02/02/2019 11:36
Sketched-hope 02/02/2019 11:34
cindystar5780 02/02/2019 11:33
imma join
Ctrl_Z_tyan 02/02/2019 11:27
TinyTrashCan 02/02/2019 11:25
Ctrl_Z_tyan, oh sorry, just send the image in comments
Ctrl_Z_tyan 02/02/2019 11:22
TinyTrashCan, (mhh)
(google translate let me down VnV)
Awkward__Artist 02/02/2019 11:20
I love all of these designs.
Awkward__Artist 02/02/2019 11:20
TinyTrashCan 02/02/2019 11:14
Ctrl_Z_tyan, thanks! and yes just link the entry back to this toon
Ctrl_Z_tyan 02/02/2019 11:07
can i draw second character in sai?