adopts (contest)

02/02/2019 10:46
i guess they're all demons? anyway they're gender neutral. draw any of them, best drawing wins. you can add accessories or change them a little in your entry. (the winners get to change their design however they like since it's their's)
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nagitoe 02/05/2019 08:17
TinyTrashCan, any chance you could keep the contest open for another day or two?? im going to do a full painting so my entry might take awhile oop,s,,
TinyTrashCan 02/05/2019 08:09
DONT-PANIC, i'll close the contest when i think i have enough entries i guess?? and there's no limit, you can draw as many entries for any of the designs
DONT-PANIC 02/05/2019 07:15
Ooh is there any deadline for entries?? And is there a limit to how many of these designs you can enter for? I love these ;;
oilp 02/05/2019 03:30
pish 02/03/2019 08:59
JacksonAnimates 02/02/2019 21:21
canadian-leaf205, it's not nearly as good as the competition...
canadian-leaf205 02/02/2019 20:57
JacksonAnimates, dont throw urs away tho its amazing
canadian-leaf205 02/02/2019 20:26
Awkward__Artist 02/02/2019 20:13
JacksonAnimates, Same man... same...