What do you think Toonator needs?

03/10/2019 10:39
What does Toonator need to beat Drawn? Or just make it better?
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Awkward__Artist 03/11/2019 15:44
poppliotube, Yeah, I don´t plan on getting discord, and it´d probably be easier since the guys who uses discord and the guys who don´t can chat privately without forcing the guys who don´t use discord to get it, even if it´s free. I don´t use discord so this feature would be great for someone like me.
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:42
Awkward__Artist, I personaly like the group chat idea cause maybe people don't have discord, i don't i want to but it just doesn't work for me
Awkward__Artist 03/11/2019 15:40
Dartus, I´d find it extremely useful. Toony wouldn't even need to create a layers system, although that would be helpful.
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:39
Dartus, do you/ anyone know if there's more people on drawn or toonator?
Dartus 03/11/2019 15:36
Dartus 03/11/2019 15:36
Awkward__Artist, The opacity tool sound great I was thinking about that too
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:35
Awkward__Artist, oof that's alot of toons
Awkward__Artist 03/11/2019 15:32
(I haven´t read all of the suggestions btw.)
These are just some complaints I have:
1. Facebook users should not automatically get passer
2. I can´t blend anything with white
3. (This is just me being butt hurt) I didn't get any spooders for my entry in the fourth-to-last contest
I bet the mods are busy and have more important things to worry about, but I´m still a little butt hurt
4. The amount of words able to fit in a description should probably be increased.

Some dumb stuff that won´t fix any current problems:
1. I´d be kinda cool if there was an option to create a private group chat (Though I guess they can just use group accounts, discord, etc so nevermind)
2. Maybe an option that changes the opacity of the pencil tool?
3. What about a thing Drawn has where you can put your toons into folders? All you toons can be found in your album, but you can make it easier to find everything through folders listed underneath this stuff: Total toons: 952
Total drafts: 42
Total comments: 12096

Rank: Archaeologist
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That´s all I can think of.
poppliotube 03/11/2019 14:17
VoidWatcher, Just blend the colors(put 2 colors and use the pick tool in between them)
TheOneAboveAll2 03/11/2019 10:58
Dartus, You Welcome.