What do you think Toonator needs?

03/10/2019 10:39
What does Toonator need to beat Drawn? Or just make it better?
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HolyHerrasaurus 03/11/2019 20:02
Dartus a FILL TOOL
ThroughThePortal 03/11/2019 17:46
Also maybe a group draw feature where you can invite people to draw on the same toon at the same time
ThroughThePortal 03/11/2019 17:43
Hire mods made for taking feedback and programming also decrees cost of things bought with spooders
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:53
Dartus, same...
Dartus 03/11/2019 15:51
poppliotube, I was expecting it
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:49
Dartus, it doesn't work
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:48
Dartus 03/11/2019 15:48
poppliotube, lmao try it
poppliotube 03/11/2019 15:47
Dartus, wait i haven't tryed to put to peoples in one name before in pm's so maybe it'll work?
Dartus 03/11/2019 15:46
Awkward__Artist, It's stupid that we don't even have group chats..