he cant backflip

08/17/2018 16:35
tested out camera movement, angle stuff and also added lots of movement + some slowmo- sorry if it looks bad- and ik it makes no sense lolo
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mixjestiic 09/29/2018 11:22
DaleksOfSkaro, my toon doesnt work on gp sfkjgbaef
DaleksOfSkaro 09/29/2018 11:20
*triggered that they took away my gp, so gp 2.0*
mixjestiic 09/29/2018 10:52
i like how two of my first gp toons got wiped out so quickly xD its like i finally realise i should try harder do better anims dsjkfffd
mixjestiic 09/29/2018 10:42
PicklesWithFruit, oh this was on gp? xD
i was drawing on drawn
PicklesWithFruit 09/29/2018 10:36
okay well it was for about 1 minute...
PicklesWithFruit 09/29/2018 10:36
Glad this is in GP, now more people can see this awesomeness!
That slo-mo is Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick btw!
DaleksOfSkaro 09/29/2018 10:32
*clears throat*
mixjestiic 08/17/2018 17:42
i worked hard into this ;-;
mixjestiic 08/17/2018 17:14
mixjestiic 08/17/2018 16:47
canadian-leaf205, oof maybe