this was suprisingly easy

02/22/2018 22:45
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DaleksOfSkaro 05/16/2018 20:59
TKninjas 04/26/2018 21:28
Ooo, that's pretty nice dude!
conshh 02/25/2018 09:41
Wylieguy 02/23/2018 21:33
The8mystic8gohan 02/23/2018 21:29
Thats because i ddint have the tme to and i wanted to finish, plus it was only a quick test
PotatoSalads 02/23/2018 16:01
He only shoots one bullet and reloads, someone doesn't know how to conserve ammo.
maxsickman 02/23/2018 09:39
do the same exept make it so he shoots some one plllllllllllllllllllllls
Internut 02/23/2018 00:58
how does this not have a medal...
winged_warrior 02/22/2018 22:56
Woah this is really good!!! I would give medal if i could!!
Fluffowuffo 02/22/2018 22:56
The8mystic8gohan, Oh, okay! :D Can't wait to see! ^w^