should i change my style?

11/18/2018 21:47
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takashisenpai18 12/17/2018 14:48
toonimator_101, ok O^O I didn't think of that! its perfect!!!
toonimator_101 12/17/2018 14:07
hmm......... I love them BOTH...... maybe your old should now be your creepy toons..?
tigerblink 12/03/2018 13:04
I like the new one more..
SpiritWolfie 11/25/2018 12:16
Yeah qwq they're both amazing tho
xX_TakeA_GuessXx 11/19/2018 22:16
takashisenpai18, Anyway it was just my opinion.
xX_TakeA_GuessXx 11/19/2018 22:16
takashisenpai18 11/19/2018 22:11
xX_TakeA_GuessXx, the shoulder thing was by accident. I started rushing. new stupid school computer updates.
xX_TakeA_GuessXx 11/19/2018 22:09
The new one seems a bit more realistic in the anatomy. The old one kinda had the front leg too short and the size was rather small? The new one is more straigh and balanced like a real wolf wold be, and the joints aren't too animated and cartoonish, but have slight realism. The old one was a bit more cartoony and unrealistic, but if you want to change your style its up to you. Plus the shoulder placement seens a bit more accurate instead of being too flat.
takashisenpai18 11/19/2018 22:06
ShySans, why else did I make this toon? oh, I KNOW probably because I don't know what to choose!

ShySans 11/19/2018 19:31
i like the old one better... ... but my opinion doesn't matter much tho, ultimately it's your decision in the end