Unstoppable 4 part 3 (Sort of complete)

08/29/2019 15:24
Ok so I needed to finish this somehow because it had important stuff about Dartus and other stuff and as some of you may already know I moved to Drawn. The first half of the animation was made the last months and abandoned. But today I was bored so I finished the other half in like 5-6 hours total. No animation,no backround,no details just some images enjoy lmao
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Bioniclexe 09/06/2019 12:09
SwagTomato 09/05/2019 13:32
21robax, Thanks bro!
21robax 09/05/2019 11:56
21robax, i love this show so much
21robax 09/05/2019 11:56
TheOneAboveAll2 08/30/2019 20:35
I love the irony of how he says "we are in the middle of the city"
SwagTomato 08/30/2019 04:43
Talia8Pie thanks for the medal it doesn't deserve it tho.
Stubbornhearted2 08/29/2019 21:27
danngg this was so sick.
SwagTomato 08/29/2019 15:55
League_Fighters, The animation would of been preety epic if actual effort were to be put in it. But I'll keep the effort for Drawn for now.
League_Fighters 08/29/2019 15:44
lol that ending doe, still good.
SwagTomato 08/29/2019 15:28
This reminds me of Indesctructible 7 so much...