uh oh! bouncy boi is here! :O

09/09/2020 19:52
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Epicxz 09/14/2020 08:54
ItJustSticks, BEVERLY_HILLS, furrys is great for oldschool ngl
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/11/2020 08:23
just get passer already

you make good explosions and stuff i think thats good enough for toon
VoidWatcher 09/09/2020 19:57
ItJustSticks, yeah but I've seen people who do stick figures get passer
ItJustSticks 09/09/2020 19:56
VoidWatcher, yeah Idk about that! I only do stickman animations that are only smooth! not good.
VoidWatcher 09/09/2020 19:55