Its official- I'm 14

01/11/2019 19:11
Damn im old... welp happy quiet b-day for me.. and i still need a haircut exdee
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canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 18:15
Kotsuko, i aM NoT beTTER than YOU!! Also thanks!!!
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 18:14
I like how the younger people are way better than me *cries in the corner* bUT HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAYYYY
canadian-leaf205 01/15/2019 19:49
takashisenpai18 01/15/2019 19:43
canadian-leaf205, maybe see me O_O oh w8 its your and your mothers party exdeeee
canadian-leaf205 01/15/2019 18:09
takashisenpai18, I loved it!!! you kno i did lol! can't wait to see u saturday :D
takashisenpai18 01/14/2019 23:36
my bean child, did you like hanging over at my house as your b-day your motha has given chu?
Therealhokage 01/14/2019 13:17
Good job
TableTop 01/12/2019 19:30
h a p p y b i r t h d a y ! ! !
TheMemeist 01/12/2019 14:08
happy birthday canadian