Fairy Tail - 02

01/19/2019 23:54
“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.” – Lucy Heartfilia -:- (x1.25 speed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySt-Qfy_p2I
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Cintrix 01/20/2019 11:20
oooouuuuuuu yas queen
Kotsuko 01/20/2019 09:31
Kotsuko 01/20/2019 09:30
Lazarinne, XDDdD Nodtlagia in the airr~~♡♡ AND TYSM LAZ-KUNN!!!!
zefuro, Yesssss Fairy Tail is amazingggg and it's completed--and by compleyed, I mean the first part of the story. And so glad I bring nostalgia º♡º TYSMM ZEFFFF
_snowyspirit_, TYSMMM
ShaedeTheEevee 01/20/2019 09:28
that's p cool m8
Lazarinne 01/20/2019 08:27
This definitely didn't make me have a nostalgia cry I'm just sweating from my eyes.

(Wonderful work as always Ko-tan ^-^)
zefuro 01/20/2019 07:51
This brings back so many memories.
not watching the current fairy tail series but i used to love it.
This soundtrack is so nostalgic
poxem 01/20/2019 03:54
tinytyn, i think you can't, it is it's default option.
_snowyspirit_ 01/20/2019 02:04
tinytyn 01/20/2019 01:16
hey um- might seem like a silly question, but im new, so whatever- how does one turn off the little correction thing that happens whenever i put down a line? thanks,,
Kotsuko 01/20/2019 00:09
Original Soundtrack (sorry for wrong link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIwmrk7LoDk