We playing among us RN

09/17/2020 16:52
Join Toonator discord server voice channel. European Servers. Code is: LBEDQQ
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pixelchan 09/17/2020 22:06
B1uMoonGirl, thank you for joining!
B1uMoonGirl 09/17/2020 21:41
Thanks for organizing it! It was great.
RobloxianCats 09/17/2020 21:06
LeisurlyBeaver, you are peen
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/17/2020 20:49
LeisurlyBeaver, me neither
pixelchan 09/17/2020 20:46
LeisurlyBeaver, me neither
LeisurlyBeaver 09/17/2020 20:21
I'm not uerpean
RobloxianCats 09/17/2020 20:03
pixelchan, yeah that's what I meant ;-; it's blocked on here
pixelchan 09/17/2020 19:06
You have to link your account through Settings on toonator.
RobloxianCats 09/17/2020 19:03
welp I probably can't join the discord forever
pixelchan 09/17/2020 18:59
Thanks for stopping by everyone.
Scheduled game this Saturday 9/19 at 6 PM EST
Will be playing in Tooanator discord server.