(≧ ﹏ ≦) Trying not to be lazy

01/26/2018 19:16
I drew an animu boi... and this was made in laptop (i'm doing a no tablet challenge) so u cant complain. In this animation I tried to focus on anime character anatomy.
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zefuro 01/09/2019 12:07
Internut, no, your art is actually pretty good, everyone starts from stick figure at some point
Internut 01/09/2019 11:05
i can't get the anatomy part right, or the animation part, or the art part

y'know whats its probably because i suck at it
SlenderLicky 01/09/2019 11:02
zefuro, just shut up ok. XD lmao
zefuro 01/09/2019 10:57
SlenderLicky, ehh, i still have a long way to go
SlenderLicky 01/09/2019 10:16
zefuro, well, i suppose youre not, you have an album full of medals you deserved lol
SlenderLicky 01/09/2019 10:15
zefuro, youre underapreciated.
SlenderLicky 01/09/2019 10:15
zefuro 01/09/2019 10:09
SomeStrangeGirl, Lunar-artist, ASRDTYUYIYUDTYRDUFG TYYYYY <333
SomeStrangeGirl 01/08/2019 20:25
awww super adorbs!! <3
Lunar-artist 12/18/2018 11:20
GREAT JOB XD omg he is so cute i wants to keeps him!!! <3 <3 <3 <3