this lonleyness wont go away

11/10/2017 21:09
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marshmello101 11/14/2017 10:18
ShySans 11/13/2017 20:58
marshmello101, you already have so many good friends so your truly not alone, you have people who support you :)
marshmello101 11/13/2017 11:03
jojoanims, iigigislayz, aww TY i feel a little better already
iigigislayz 11/13/2017 08:12
*gives hug* Don't be lonely. You aren't alone.
jojoanims 11/13/2017 07:11
am i the only one that had a positive responce to this?
jojoanims 11/13/2017 07:10
AnnikatheLlama 11/12/2017 02:38
if it won't go away,
i think it's called depression.
just in my opinion
marshmello101 11/10/2017 22:02
_Kinder_Kat_ 11/10/2017 21:21
*Picks up and throws* sToP