Shingeki no Kyojin

12/10/2020 14:05
maybe this is going to be my last job done on the old toonator, I wanted to do something cooler but I couldn't do it because it wouldn't be the way I wanted it to be. thanks for the support, hearts and medals from all of you. when the new toonator updates next year i keep promises i made to some people. See you
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jaheim12 02/09/2021 12:06
attack on titan is ok
Bamboo0k 01/17/2021 15:15
omg I'm currently watching season 4 and I'm sad that this is the last season but I like the openings from this anime) sasageyo sasageyo
Damiyuta 12/28/2020 05:01
sashabraus101, thanks >O<
sashabraus101 12/26/2020 13:36
you are the best animator on this cursed sight
VanylixLord 12/25/2020 04:02
hi okey
Potato-blurbs 12/24/2020 08:07
Damiyuta, NO PROB AND you mentioned me ahhhhhhh neat :3
IHaveNoFace 12/20/2020 19:03
this brought me back 6 years. should probably catch up on it, lol
thesak 12/20/2020 17:13
Damiyuta, no problem! :DDDDDDD
DooDooSmug 12/20/2020 17:06
Damiyuta 12/20/2020 15:45
DooDooSmug, thanks man, i want to get to the animator rank one day ^0^