Ask Saija!

07/01/2018 11:34
ask her any question and she may replay in a comment or toon (either one mattering on the question)
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SGandQuatstudio 07/01/2018 14:23
honeybear, Saija: *remembers the past and slowly walks up to ulli and hugs him while tearing (crying) up*
honeybear 07/01/2018 14:03
Ulli: Why am I here
SGandQuatstudio 07/01/2018 13:47
Jackson_, Saija: it is nice to meet you too, nathan!
Jackson_ 07/01/2018 12:22
SGandQuatstudio, Nathan: i'm nathan , nice to meet you saija
SGandQuatstudio 07/01/2018 12:19
Jackson_, Saija: I am Saija, and you are?
Jackson_ 07/01/2018 12:08
SGandQuatstudio, nathan: hello?
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 12:08
Hidden: that's nice...
SGandQuatstudio 07/01/2018 12:05
Jackson_, Saija: hello there
Sweet_Pudding, Saija: no, i dont have actual siblings, but there are some that are like siblings to me
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 12:01
lets got any sibs?
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 11:56
Me: hidden b friend with everyone uw u

guess I got dragged into this..