Bearded dragon

09/12/2020 11:42


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Zatch 09/19/2020 15:31
kraftcheese, yeah i got a bum leg i got a cataract in my left eye, scratch on my forehead
LeisurlyBeaver 09/19/2020 15:27
kraftcheese, there's a tumor that keeps talking to me
kraftcheese 09/19/2020 15:14
Zatch i'm sorry. i will keep it down. i'm just deaf. but it's okay, i will be quieter now. i also have adhd, ptsd, ocd, i have a bullet wound, i have aspergers,
Zatch 09/19/2020 15:12
kraftcheese, i didn't mean it like that stop yelling at meeeee
LeisurlyBeaver 09/19/2020 14:53
gueswhatimafurry, will you actually shut the fuck up.
Bamboo0k 09/19/2020 14:30
Zatch, lmao
kraftcheese 09/19/2020 14:07
Zatch haha! i wonder what drugs you were on!!! you fucking crazy man! you must have been so high!!! lol!
Zatch 09/19/2020 14:01
i don't remember medalling this what
i might've been high
kraftcheese 09/19/2020 13:30
kraftcheese i must say this music is great for reading political shit LOL TURN THIS SHIT UP
kraftcheese 09/19/2020 13:25
gueswhatimafurry i meannn since their opinions are so laughable i feel like they're not really gonna cause a lot of damage, and showing it off really proves how much of a dumpster fire this website is and that's pretty funny. getting so worked up about it seems a little goofy.