The Story of BUAU

12/01/2018 20:04
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DaleksOfSkaro 12/01/2018 20:04
There are 6 planets. The closest to Deusez, Linka’s sun, is Paxec. This is the most peaceful planet in the system. Most clans just live in harmony and share and distribute resources. The following planet is Zinzu, which is mainly a farming planet. Iuana is the central planet. This is where one would cross to another planet, as it has quick networking to transport, or at least quicker that any other planet. Often, those in search of clans find there way to Elgegit. This planet has a communication hub, and leaders and champions have access to a “Hub Stone”. These are any stones that the leaders or champions can communicate through. Then, RuVu, a small Tidal-Locked planet covered in mostly water. Very few can live on the dark side, which is why it’s both safe and deserted. Lastly, there is Sibi. Sibi is the farthest planet and mostly populated by loners.

The races that lived on each planet grew to become more specialized in their own planets, growing better and more efficient at each task, the races of the planet Elgegit had discovered a way that allows the other planets to communicate, which united the planets and made them all advance far faster, this created a quick progression of the races to the point of interstellar space travel in 40 years. One man from the Deusez planet rose to power and was working on creating a utopia, when one man betrayed him, attempting to take his place, he killed this man, who had screamed a curse of death and war upon the entire system, this curse slowly drove the leader mad, until he had killed every one of his generals, sparking a war between every planet. This lead to the 200 year war, small groups went underground and resurfaced 200 years later. The planets were desolate, with no one left, this… is where our stories begin.