Starring a snake

06/27/2017 03:12
get the horrible pun? ''Starring''? hes a good snak. anD AS SIMPLE AS THIS ANIMATION SEEMS BELIEVE ME IT WAS NOT SIMPLE TO ANIMATE AND FILL
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kaitoraccoon 08/25/2018 14:15
I realized the black lines where trees by the shape in all good job
kaitoraccoon 08/25/2018 14:14
I love thisSSSSS
cukie 09/16/2017 06:15
IAlwaysWaitMore, nah i still love it
IAlwaysWaitMore 08/25/2017 11:20
cukie, Don't worry, it didn't! Those black lines are supposed to be trees, which the snake is passing by, I'm sorry you don't like it! i tried to add some sort of nice effect to it with the trees, guess it didn't work out for you! Thanks!
cukie 08/25/2017 11:09
sorry if that comment irritated you
cukie 08/25/2017 11:09
IAlwaysWaitMore, this is amazing but its the black lines that ruin it
IAlwaysWaitMore 08/12/2017 06:52
underFOX, Thanks!
underFOX 08/12/2017 06:52
so cool
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/25/2017 08:00
HellTea, lmao I screwed up too rn
HellTea 07/24/2017 01:11
oops wrong account :)