04/24/2021 10:44
so ik i was not ive not been posting or anything but yeah the reason was bc ive been focusing on animating on drawn bc its way better im not leaving im just gonna be posting there more so yeah just wanna let you know
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-MONEY- 05/01/2021 10:15
jaheim12, oh so you do talk to yourself
-MONEY- 04/26/2021 01:19
q-qijy, SSJ_Emani212, wish i could follow yalls
q-qijy 04/25/2021 14:39
yeah i dont post very often on toon either i usually post on drawn
SSJ_Emani212 04/25/2021 14:15
btw my drawn is my toon username
jaheim12 04/25/2021 13:47
-MONEY-, lmaooo
-MONEY- 04/25/2021 13:46
aibot, a

aibot 04/25/2021 11:07
jaheim12, stfu how am i suppossed to know that
jaheim12 04/25/2021 11:03
-MONEY-, exactly lmao
-MONEY- 04/25/2021 10:57
Anim-O, and why do you need help, he let you in, duh.
-MONEY- 04/25/2021 10:57
Anim-O, how are you in if u didnt even ask