doggo barking

09/12/2019 17:55
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FNAFgirl2018 09/19/2019 14:40
there are NO CHANGES!!!!
tigerblink 09/16/2019 10:29
tigerblink, ohh i see them.
they aren't reasonable tho
just a bit yellow where the bork thing is
tigerblink 09/16/2019 10:29
doggo13, where the fuck are the changes
FluffyPanther 09/15/2019 14:18
If you need help deleting it, ask me.
FluffyPanther 09/15/2019 14:03
Please take this out of you album. Even if you did change something doesn't mean you didn't steal. The animation belongs to EndlessStyless and they work on their stuff so, please don't steal and be rude to people who didn't see the changes that you made.
WarriorCactus 09/14/2019 18:47
Ziap, yk what i mean though you can take em out of your album
SwagTomato 09/14/2019 13:38
Zatch 09/14/2019 11:24
Ziap, no
Toonimator_666 09/14/2019 09:39
Ziap, they can just take it out their album
Toonimator_666 09/14/2019 09:38
Ziap, you can tho?