test 2.0 for somebirdy and its MESSY

11/30/2018 06:25
im depression and cant sleep, so i made this instead lmao
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bateborisovfan 04/07/2019 22:10
MlXJ3STlC 11/30/2018 17:22
D3v, yeah thats link
but NOT that kind of link that you were talking about

this one's much smaller
D3v 11/30/2018 16:05
he looks like link from The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
DarrenInAgony 11/30/2018 07:49
Also feel better!!
DarrenInAgony 11/30/2018 07:48
It’s a darknut!!!! so since this looks like windwaker, I think he’s about to us the magic shield? Idk their isn’t really a fire vortex looking item, and fire arrow are the only fire item, it looks a lot like din’s fire from OoT though, hmmmmmm
pixelchan 11/30/2018 07:35
i cry
mixjestiic 11/30/2018 06:56
also!! hope you feel better
mixjestiic 11/30/2018 06:55
you are WAY too good to not get a medal from me <3
i need to study on your animations to see how you get em so smooth
seriously tho i kinda struggle to animate just as smooth as you!!
thank you for being my inspiration, you're one of those people who make me want to animate more <3
lonelycousin 11/30/2018 06:55
god ur such an inspo
TheMemeist 11/30/2018 06:47
I love it!