50 likes and I'll color!

05/20/2020 23:26
OwO + First time doing keyframes


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Rigbyart 05/23/2020 18:51
memesarelife4me, Don't post mean comments on my toons ):
AnthTanth 05/23/2020 18:11
memesarelife4me, shut up memesarelife you know how it is
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 15:19
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 15:19
Toon Of The Day?? No Way!!
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 15:18
memesarelife4me 05/23/2020 14:19
AntTanth always rushing likes!
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 11:14
emileee, It is!
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 11:14
Sylvia2009, I won't get mad! I even encourage people to use my work, if it is for good purposes!
emileee 05/23/2020 10:48
this is in weekly top ten! :D
Sylvia2009 05/23/2020 10:12
cool um if you see the one i got from you please don't get mad i gust wanna see how everything works!!! And i love your art!!!