collab pt1

06/01/2017 09:12
I dunno what your gonna do next, maybe them walking over to make him up? if theres not enough then just copy some frames and past them


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DJ_Wolfie 04/19/2019 14:37
Jesus what did i do to you? i dint do anything wrong and i already know all of those things.
y_u_read_dis 04/19/2019 14:35
shut up DJ_Wolfie your wrong you lil bitch your a cunt piece of shit.
y_u_read_dis 04/19/2019 14:34
DJ_Wolfie 04/19/2019 14:26
u got your skeletons mixed up. look up sans and pap.
sweetluv48 10/11/2017 21:25
DankDiddlyMeemz, no it.. it really doesnt look like him..
DankDiddlyMeemz 10/11/2017 21:23
sweetluv48, it's

sweetluv48 10/11/2017 21:22
btw is this us papyrus or ut sans i cant tell at all
PotatoSalads 10/11/2017 13:49
SGandQuatstudio 10/10/2017 16:32
marshmello101 10/06/2017 19:07
-thumbs up-