87 tigers looking at an olive

04/30/2022 09:09
someone told me to draw this as a joke...i didnt take it as a joke


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SunsetPanther 05/04/2022 21:14
ServantBrute, im proud of you
ServantBrute 05/04/2022 13:08
i found waldo
aghy 05/01/2022 17:47
SunsetPanther, you have nice art n colors
SunsetPanther 04/30/2022 20:00
aghy, You have nice animations
SunsetPanther 04/30/2022 20:00
TheBoiRaine, i just think its me being cheap to be honest AAAA tablets are expensive as HECK...and they don't always work for toonator
aghy 04/30/2022 14:30
the fact some of them are just utterly baffled at the existance of an olive being in the room makes it even better
TheBoiRaine 04/30/2022 10:56
SunsetPanther, i mean i can be better at drawing with a mouse than before because you have hella clean lines
TheBoiRaine 04/30/2022 10:55
SunsetPanther, im still baffled by the fact that you're using a mouse...i thought it was impossible
now i think i have more potential
SunsetPanther 04/30/2022 10:30
DeSpAcitWo, well the one I got has color changing lights =))))
It's very comfortable to hold.
the grip on the scroll is pretty neat,
and it has this button that changes your mouse sensitivity which I don't really use cause idk what it be good for but its really nice!

it do be cheap too, its called a
Rii RM105 Wired Mouse
DeSpAcitWo 04/30/2022 09:51
actually, I've never used a gamer mouse before, is it that much better than a regular mouse?