anime girl uwu

09/16/2018 14:43
this is it, chief
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oilp 02/07/2019 11:54
aaaaah this colors s sooooo cooll
ObsessiveFreak 10/06/2018 18:31
*quickly googles 'how 2 marry an art style'*
Defsoul 09/16/2018 14:51
blessing toon with your work I see
lonelycousin 09/16/2018 14:49
120tea, I would kill a man for u
120tea 09/16/2018 14:48
oh heeeey owo
lonelycousin 09/16/2018 14:47
Tea!! You're on toon <3 I love you so much dude
It's clearly cousin from flip
NyanDogeKat 09/16/2018 14:46
i love your art
Yuki142080 09/16/2018 14:46
120tea, oh rip

well you're doing a great with a trackpad my god
120tea 09/16/2018 14:45
i had it for awhile but never used it cos it only works on my laptop so i draw with a godamn trackpad s m h
Yuki142080 09/16/2018 14:43
i had no idea you had a toon holy shit

how are you