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05/17/2017 21:18
My heart says gp? but my brain says NO story of my life i guess..
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TwilightSushi 05/18/2017 10:02
Wombat, yeh
Wombat 05/18/2017 06:22
Yes yes I know. Strangely that's not always the case though
GibbyGober 05/17/2017 23:20
Not gp worth (sorry)
cuz in gp most arts are long made
Wombat 05/17/2017 21:39
Ah im a lame im commenting on my own stuff. This is what happens when you have no friends
Wombat 05/17/2017 21:21
im kinda trying out this style, I rlly like it. But this is probably gonna get overlooked and unnotices so why am i even..