07/04/2018 15:55
As I have been away from Toonator for a long time, I have been feeling that the quality of my toons have been rapidly decreasing , which makes me very frustrated because I love to animate and I practice all the time. I look at all my older toons and think about what happened to my standards. Shouldn't your work be better if you have higher standards? Why does it feel like even though my standards are higher, my toons look worse?
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FennixFox001 07/05/2018 05:50
yeah that it what i think an animator-with-no-idea's life would look like... But dat is good!
LizWiz 07/04/2018 21:44
this has happened to me before. Even though I felt that I could do better, I animated some things that were just random with mild effort to see where I was again. I left the frustration old toons behind because I knew that if I felt they were better than now's, I would eventually get back to that standard we animating more. We could feel that older toons were better because we forget how much time we put into each one (because the happiness of animating warped the sense of time?), or we just didn't stretch the animation muscles for while and they got weaker, or combination of both (which I think it is, but mostly the first reason). To feel better I would say just animate what feels good enough, not what feels "up to the standard". I hope this helps and you didn't read an essay for nothing ;)
THEROLEPLAYER_ 07/04/2018 16:58
NatCatArtist18, echxs dee,
Feel better Flippy
OllieBoi 07/04/2018 16:45
RoseFlame 07/04/2018 16:24
Same here dude, but just chill, your stuff is great! And if it's too frustrating, don't set your standards up too high, you'll see real improvement if you keep them at a decent level. Trust me, it gives confidence too to see that you're improving :D
NatCatArtist18 07/04/2018 16:16
whoa take a chill pill my gawd XD
Fluffowuffo 07/04/2018 16:14
I feel your pain.. Your stuff's still really good, tho