04/17/2019 13:03


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toonimator_101 06/16/2019 08:06
t-2, Why don't you for once? You have a big mouth
t-2 04/19/2019 01:51
__---___-_-_, Kotsuko, shut the fuck up
__---___-_-_ 04/18/2019 15:34
I like wompa more and don't copy thanks
Kotsuko 04/18/2019 15:01
stop copying people's animations.
younganimate 04/18/2019 12:36
pipesboi wasssup
FluffyUnicorn35 04/18/2019 11:13
i love your animations doooderoo
PIPESBOI 04/18/2019 07:09
doooderoo 04/18/2019 06:12
Internut, nah fam wompa gives a feeling. but dancer that's a bit too blunt or maybe that's the point of this animation. not to get into conspiracy territory but maybe dancer is meant to represent the struggles of art constantly being passed around and slowy being made worse with each rendition but at the same time that gives the art value. wait, PORK1 IS ACTUALLY BANKSY ON TOONATOR
Internut 04/17/2019 23:39
pork1, wow dancer is such a better name I'm proud of you for thinking of dancer its just genius keep it up
becisinlokisarmy 04/17/2019 18:41
Dude,if the only thing you're capable of doing is stealing from others, then you need to get tf out.