Bounce VS Dartus (Fight Collab) 5

12/29/2018 17:59
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DETHORN 12/30/2018 15:19
i have even done a collab with you ...turtleman
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:19
Also, animating a collaboration with quick hand to hand combat stepped is INCREDIBLY difficult because the other person has to add in their character
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:19
How is it called?
DETHORN 12/30/2018 15:18
:) this is not my only acc and i used to be stickman animator on my old acc
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:18
Also.. The animation is at it's begining the real fight should be happening soon
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:17
Also, who said we had to follow "traditional theme" ????
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:17
SlenderLicky, True..
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:15
DETHORN, no ones perfect at animating. Also no offense but you don't really have a right to criticize without much stick animating experience yourself.
DETHORN 12/30/2018 15:13
Not enough hand to hand to hand combat too much dodging and skipping which ruins the traditional stickman fight theme

otherwise then that good fight
SpiritWolfie 12/30/2018 12:05
WolfHats, aka me clapping