Bounce VS Dartus (Fight Collab) 5

12/29/2018 17:59
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TheOneAboveAll 01/01/2019 17:22
DETHORN, Making stick aniamtions's are actually very hard, I havent been releasing because I have been practicing, if look inside this fight, you'll see each frame take's a long time, just for Dartus to beam down and crack the ground, it would take atleast 12 frames, and yet imagine what happens's when the fighting happens, it's very difficult, and if you copy frame's it make's it un-natural, this is why this fight deserves a medal.
DETHORN 12/30/2018 15:50
mabby i like trolling with people too much but i believe i was the one who explained passer rank to u
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:27
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:27
DETHORN, We don't really care..
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:26
I'll start my part soon swag but ehm busy right bow
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:26
DETHORN, tbh I don't wana guess
DETHORN 12/30/2018 15:25
come on you cant guess
SwagTomato 12/30/2018 15:25
SlenderLicky, Actually we got offended first XD
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:24
DETHORN, no offense, Moines flawless
SlenderLicky 12/30/2018 15:24
SwagTomato, clearly