Bounce VS Dartus (Fight Collab) 5

12/29/2018 17:59
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TheOneAboveAll 01/02/2019 19:03
SlenderLicky 01/02/2019 14:38
TheOneAboveAll 01/02/2019 14:16
Honestly I like both way's, it's good to do what you like, if you dont like traditional then dont do it, dont do stickman fight just cause others want you to, do it cause you want to, and do it how you like it, alot of stickman artists do it bothways, and I currently like 2d and 3d, just do what yall love thats all to it, P.S god blood effects.
SwagTomato 01/02/2019 05:17
I'm not trying to say that all 2d animations are bad but it's like a common thing for artists to call 2d animations lazy
SwagTomato 01/02/2019 05:16
DETHORN, Traditonal Stickman fight are in my opinion extremely boring because as SlenderLicky said they just slap eachother very hard for a long time and don't seem to die..We try to make our fight more interesting my adding 3d effecfs because 2d animations are boring and lazy.
TheOneAboveAll 01/01/2019 23:22
Oh, I see what your trying to say, you mean 2d Fighting, like Hyun Animation or like Alan Becker Fighting, where to sitckman in a 2d format run to each other and begin fighting, I understand that, but everyone has there own technique and remember, With Toontator there's only so much you can do to make the collab look stable.
DETHORN 01/01/2019 19:43
this "traditional thing" is like hyun animation :)
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 19:23
DETHORN, y. To be honest the way we're doing it is more interesting at watch than just two people slapping eachother back and fourth a bunch. According to this so called "traditional thing but whatever"
DETHORN 01/01/2019 18:41
TheOneAboveAll, SwagTomato, i never said the animation was bad you can tell that swag tomato is a very skilled artist but i said its not traditional. its like your trying to mix full body the full body animation style with the stickman fight style and their not exactly merging together
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 17:40
TheOneAboveAll, Yeah it takes a lot of time