Look I repsect GP but

07/07/2018 22:41
Why the heck do you have to sped over 500 spooders for it .-. Like now there's rarely a gp for only 20 spooders
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Serulii 07/10/2018 20:12
omg true
poxem 07/07/2018 23:21
it's actually a bad idea on spending 500 spooders for a single toon, it isn't worth it.

ignoring the fact that i actually spent 200 spooders in a single toon so xd
poxem 07/07/2018 23:19
i have 20 spooders left lmaO
Dodobroking11 07/07/2018 23:08
THEROLEPLAYER_, its best at this times since its less likely people to be on
so you get alot longer
THEROLEPLAYER_ 07/07/2018 22:46
maybe itll be like 12 hours or smth and then itll go for free.
i mean it is a waste of spoods, because you can add music for that much spoods