Dear rabbit [Finished vrs]

09/30/2018 22:34
It's not the whole song but It's all I'm doing and a lot more than the original I posted. hhh?? Hope you like it, I worked hard on it


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juletrash 09/30/2018 23:13
i llove,
lonelycousin 09/30/2018 22:56
-Shinigami-, Thank you so much!
-Shinigami- 09/30/2018 22:54
-Shinigami-, I love it a lot*
-Shinigami- 09/30/2018 22:54
This is so good!! I love it so much!
lonelycousin 09/30/2018 22:39
red_nose, idk why aaa but im so glad!! happy!!
im so proud of myself
red_nose 09/30/2018 22:39
hgghghgh i love your work so fucking much