Your King

10/06/2018 23:39
So you all were calling me the Blending God/King of Toonator so I did this; you are welcome in advance. Bow to me subjects.
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MissHorror123 11/20/2018 16:10
-SherlockHolmes-, *Waits in the shadows to snatch them*
-SherlockHolmes- 11/18/2018 10:56
Kotsuko, Fetch me some wacom drawing tablets
Kotsuko 11/18/2018 10:44
*kneels with one leg up*

Your highness, what shall I do for thee? Thy servant lieth in wait for thy command.

And please teach thy subjects thy holy wisdom.
-SherlockHolmes- 10/28/2018 16:56
monophobia, Works too.
monophobia 10/28/2018 16:25
-SherlockHolmes-, Spill the TEA
-SherlockHolmes- 10/28/2018 15:34
monophobia, I am honored to spill the truth.
monophobia 10/28/2018 14:53
-SherlockHolmes-, that,,was sorta mean
-SherlockHolmes- 10/28/2018 14:51
lovable_loser, Are you blind? The background is blended, my whole body is blended, and the crown is blended. Go to the ophthalmologist, you need your eyes checked for some glasses.
lovable_loser 10/28/2018 14:02
the only blending is on the cape
Kailey_Kat 10/28/2018 14:01
sorry i only bow to kInG gEoRgE tHe iii