Challange Contest :P

09/30/2015 23:41
I thought it would be cool to make a "challange" contest. all you need to do is draw something and color it only using the default palette Toonator provides you! :> Winner get's a (possibly) detailed drawing from me :D I would love to see some creative entrys! (if anyone joins lol) hope you join. I might also do something for 2nd place if this gets alot of entrys! (mayber 3rd too idk)
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Cathek 11/21/2015 06:00
Тело уж совсем короткое,шея как будто совсем отсутствует ,про цвет лица вообще молчу,как по мне так даже при свете лицо не может так выделяться,хотя и не очень сильно (переводите сами в своём переводчике =~= )
А так красиво.
HazeyShiba 10/09/2015 19:02
[url= /sh655260][img][/img][/url]
preeng 10/09/2015 10:14
KevinMurcowitz 10/08/2015 16:46
Powerlifter, Did they care?
person1 10/07/2015 23:17
Powerlifter, have fun with that
Powerlifter 10/07/2015 18:33
My parents walked in and saw this '_____'
HazeyShiba 10/07/2015 18:09
-Stac_Of_Cats-, I don't think I've ever considered punching a wall lel

but that picture was super good (and I don't like my pictures because their weirdxD)

it took me a million years and it was almost done


then that happened

Iwuvebacon 10/07/2015 08:06
LoveDerp 10/06/2015 19:56
KevinMurcowitz, I'll probably end it this weekend
KevinMurcowitz 10/06/2015 19:46
When does the contest end?