Bitten Medals

02/11/2018 14:51
Their actually chocolate.
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sashabraus101 03/30/2021 14:24
All chocolate is good
enzo193 12/21/2019 16:35
Peppa Pig
POKMEMON_UWU 11/14/2019 09:33
aww man a chocolate medal its so good
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/08/2019 10:46
tiger09, bruh
tiger09 11/08/2019 10:07
*bites medal* hey this isn't chocolate its beverly chocolate!
BEVERLY_HILLS 03/15/2019 07:22
JellyDoood, lol if you stay on the site for long enough, you will eventually get some
JellyDoood 03/14/2019 15:58

something that I'll never have
tigeeerblink 01/08/2019 02:18
Bitten Medals it
their actually chocolate IT
B1uMoonGirl 11/06/2018 16:53
Just be sure you dont eat the foil, and try not to break your computer too much while trying to get the medal out. :P
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/05/2018 06:38