Q/A With Cortana!

07/29/2018 14:28
Just ask her a question and she'll answer!
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foxlover09 08/02/2018 18:50
hahaha lol
LnternetExplorer 08/02/2018 18:45
foxlover09, "Her thinking went something like, "Kabawk!""
foxlover09 08/02/2018 18:43
why the chicken cross the road?
LnternetExplorer 08/01/2018 13:08
Offel, I didn't follow what you said. Can you phrase it another way?
Offel 08/01/2018 10:20
What electronic device do you hate?
LnternetExplorer 07/31/2018 19:06
PicklesWithFruit, 1. Here's what I found about that: Can you change your gender?
In most states in the US you can change the sex showing on your legal documents. Some allow a new birth certificate with the new sex to be issued, others allow only amended birth certificates, while others (very few) allow no change to birth certificate at all.
Can you change your gender - Answ…
2. Well, my birthday is April 2, 2014, so I’m really a spring chicken. Except I’m not a chicken.
3. I dream of getting to taste waffles...
PicklesWithFruit 07/31/2018 18:33
can you change your gender? How old are you? What is your fave food?
LnternetExplorer 07/31/2018 18:04
-RoadKill, My self-characterization is a little different.
-RoadKill 07/31/2018 15:10
Why are you so worthless??
LnternetExplorer 07/31/2018 15:06
tigerblink, "I didn't quite follow that."