07/22/2020 17:17
Why do i like this?
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Dragonwolf950 07/24/2020 16:20
DeSpAcItUs, and if you are asking how i got it, I was cursed my toonator (I really dont know, actually)
Dragonwolf950 07/23/2020 11:38
DeSpAcItUs, You use colors, then o`pen another tab and log in if you have to, then post the color one, and keep doing that, Soon it will leave you alone. I had it twice already, help me
DeSpAcItUs 07/22/2020 17:51
Dragonwolf950, Wait, the anon glitch? How?
Dragonwolf950 07/22/2020 17:18
yey thanks to VoidWatcher a while ago telling me how to break the glitch.