secret santa :D

11/19/2020 02:57
so how this will work is you will comment on this post if youd like to participate with a drawing of what youd like someone else to make. ( i will stop taking people on december 5th). i will start giving out partners on the 5th. you will have until december 31 but please dont begin posting until the 23rd. the drawing may be made on a different website or application but if it is please send it to me on discord Double cheeked up on a Tuesday#2417. at the end of december i will announce who was all paired up so if you chicken out you can be shamed by the toon community. (also kraft i KNOW your thinking about making a jacksepticeye comment and trust me i see it too but i will in fact start spontaneously sobbing if you do.)
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greenville 12/23/2020 08:54
SSJ_Emani212, you can post it today im just dumb and cant tell time
greenville 12/23/2020 08:54
SSJ_Emani212, wait my bad
greenville 12/23/2020 08:54
SSJ_Emani212, no you just make a post about it and remember do not post it till tomorrow
SSJ_Emani212 12/23/2020 08:18
SSJ_Emani212, do we*
SSJ_Emani212 12/23/2020 08:18
do u we post it here
RowanDarling470 12/16/2020 14:35

greenville 12/04/2020 23:04
I stop taking people in a few hours so if you want to join now's the time
greenville 11/28/2020 20:11
also my updated discord greenville#2417
greenville 11/28/2020 16:11
also if you dont put what you want drawn then you wont be accepted
Tropical_Sipss 11/28/2020 15:25
If anyone gets mine, just be creative ;-;