Oc Copying PSA

07/27/2015 13:16
the drama is over so dont even think about starting up again. i decided to take this stupid event and use it to talk about something important. No one like its when people steal their oc's design be it an aciddent or on purpose so when making an oc make sure its an "ORIGANL" character. if you do happen to copy an oc PLEASE UST CHANGE IT. as mucch as it might hurt to change an oc it really fucking blows seeing your oc's design being used not as your oc. Basically the only thing you have to think about is " can this oc be mistaken for another oc i dont own?" if the answer to that question is yes, CHANGE IT. if some on comfronts you about copying an oc DONT MAKE DRAMA. and if MULTIPLE people tell you it looks like another oc, CHANGE IT. thats all. i never want this to happen again.


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SGandQuatstudio 02/11/2018 19:44
omg that happens so much!!!
thank you for making this! although there is one thing that could of been added (asking the original before they make an oc if their oc can look simular or can be of the same species as the original) but this is perfect anyways and doesnt need that little bit that i pointed out
overall 10/10!
5OUL 02/11/2018 00:16
It returns
Kotsuko 03/05/2017 17:27
That's a whole LOT of pictures!
fuzzysm 07/27/2015 13:54
_chemical_, DENNIS
btw come here
_chemical_ 07/27/2015 13:52
fuzzysm, kK pic an oc of mine :0

I have:

Aeiou: furry, male, goth, but happy

Dennis: furry/or human, male, blind (not anymore :^)), little shy bb

Taylor(me): human, female, crazy and stupid

AuDiEncE: furry soul, female, sad like 24/7 and jumpscares, lives in abandoned hospital

sHow tImeE: furry soul, male, same as AuDiEncE

Squishy: lacus, male, fun and crazy

:> I have more if you don't want any of these
fuzzysm 07/27/2015 13:46
_chemical_ 07/27/2015 13:46
fuzzysm, ey bb want 2 rp
_chemical_ 07/27/2015 13:46
_destiny_, xD k
_destiny_ 07/27/2015 13:45
_chemical_, okie well i wont anyways X3
fuzzysm 07/27/2015 13:45