Cuphead rp Anyone? *DESC*

12/31/2017 15:01
RULES: NO SWEARING!!!! You can be ANNNNY character in the Cuphead game. Mind you, you CAN be the the Male/Female Version of a character if you would like, you just have to draw them and put it as your Profile pic.
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xSoullessChildx 01/03/2018 12:40
sanessboi, Im Female Devil
sanessboi 01/03/2018 12:11
xSoullessChildx 12/31/2017 15:17
SmolWolfie, Really? A R I E L
SmolWolfie 12/31/2017 15:14
xSoullessChildx, aww love u too
xSoullessChildx 12/31/2017 15:13
SmolWolfie, I hate u
SmolWolfie 12/31/2017 15:13